Support Academic Success All Year Long

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Keys Area, is committed to supporting academic success for our Club members during the Back-to-School season and throughout the year.

You can help Boys & Girls Clubs of the Keys Area create a great future for every kid. Make a difference today.

For more than XX years, children have been coming to the Southern Most Boys & Girls Clubs of Monroe County, Florida. It is truly a positive place for kids; a place they can go to have fun, learn something new and meet positive role models. Your support enables us to ensure that this positive place reaches more of our community’s youth.

There are many ways to donate to the Boys and Girls Club.
If you prefer to donate through the mail, please send your donations to the following address:

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Keys Area, Inc.

If you prefer to make a gift with a form of payment other than credit card, please contact , VP Development at 305-296-2258  ext 1 for instructions

Options include: Stock- Appreciated Securities, Annuity- Planned Gifts, Wire Transfer.
Credit Card payments accepted below. Your privacy is important to us. We will not sell or share your personal information.

Suggested Giving Levels

Chairman’s Club: $10,000 Can provide educational after-school programming to 50 children for 6 months

  • Executive’s Club: $5,000 Can provide computer training to 30 children for 6 months
  • Director’s Club: $2,500 Can equip 10 children on a football team
  • Partner’s Club: $1,000 Can provide art classes to 90 children during summer camp
  • Friend’s Club: $500 Can send 1 child to summer camp
  • Sustaining Members: $250 Can provide 10 children with an educational field trip
  • Members: $100 Can provide 6 children with an educational field trip

Donate and help now

  • Yes, I want to help a child overcome obstacles to a successful future.
  • $20 provides materials for painting and drawing for budding artists
  • $40 covers the costs of academic software and supplies
  • $50 covers recreational supplies and games
  • $100 supports field trips that build interest in science, math and technology
  • $500 pays for free nutritious breakfasts, lunches and snacks

Please consider making an investment in a child's great future by making a tax deductible contribution to the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Keys.